Sharpen your know-how Get advice and tactics from top industry authorities. See all
Restaurants give credit where credit is due … on the menu

Restaurants give credit where credit is due … on the menu

Some restaurants are crediting menu items to the cooks who created them. Try it to boost morale, retain workers, and make a good impression on guests.
Women sitting at a table being served a beautifully displayed appetizer by a server wearing a mask

Inflation by the numbers

We asked diners across the U.S. and Canada about how rising prices is changing their restaurant dining habits. Dive into the data.
Gen z talent

How to attract and retain Gen Z talent in the restaurant industry

Whether you’re looking to increase staff members or need new talent on the team, learn what Gen Z looks for an employer and the key to staff retention.
A starter kit for restaurants Launching a restaurant is an ambitious project. Learn how it’s done step by step right from the beginning. See all
How to design a successful new restaurant

How to design a successful new restaurant

Check out the need-to-knows on structuring, developing, and opening a new restaurant
Restaurant business structures

How to choose a business structure for a new restaurant

Discover the most common restaurant business structures, how much funding is needed, and how to succeed in opening a restaurant
2022 digital marketing checklist

2022 digital marketing checklist

Discover over 30 practical ways to get seen by guests online.
Spread the word Learn how to bring new guests to the table with the latest tech, tools, and ideas for every marketing budget. See all
Restaurant advertising ideas

The 9 best restaurant advertising ideas for 2022

Discover the best advertising ideas to include in your restaurant’s advertising strategy.
The 12 best digital marketing tools in 2022 for restaurants

The 12 best digital marketing tools in 2022 for restaurants

Discover the best digital tools to include in your restaurants’ marketing strategy.
Get to know your ROI

Make marketing less mysterious: get to know your ROI

Forget the over-complicated formulas—here’s how to get clear on your marketing ROI so you can make investments that pay off.
Logistics tune-up How to iron out operations for shifts smooth as butter. See all
A well designed restaurant floor plan with booths

Why restaurants need to optimize their floor plans for success

Design a restaurant floor plan that improves guests’ dining experience and workers' efficiency. Here’s how to make floor plans that boost the bottom line.
Restaurant goer ordering food at a counter with a phone

Online ordering systems—what are the advantages for restaurants and customers?

Find out the advantages of online food ordering for customers and restaurants. Learn how to stand out in the restaurant online ordering system market.
Young person direct messaging with a restaurant on their phone

Now serving: Direct messaging, a simpler way to talk to guests

OpenTable constantly innovates to respond to restaurant needs. Here’s a look behind the scenes about how we built our direct messaging feature to help restaurants.

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