Sharpen your know-how Get advice and tactics from top industry authorities. See all
Image is a yellow image that reads "chefs speak: 4 major issues for restaurants in 2023.

Chefs speak: 4 major issues for restaurants in 2023

Heading into the new year, leading chefs and restaurant owners talk about the ongoing staffing shortage, changing menus, restaurant technology, and more.
Restaurant employee in black apron behind a glass door flips a sign to read “open”

How to name a restaurant: 10 tips to make the task easier

Get tips and advice on coming up with a name for your restaurant that will grab attention, attract guests, and stay top of mind. Name your restaurant with confidence.
How to pack the house on day 1

How to pack the house on day 1

Learn why Alicart Restaurant Group relies on OpenTable to ensure a packed house when its new restaurant, Mermaid Oyster Bar Times Square, opens its doors in NYC.
A starter kit for restaurants Launching a restaurant is an ambitious project. Learn how it’s done step by step right from the beginning. See all
How to design a successful new restaurant

How to design a successful new restaurant

Check out the need-to-knows on structuring, developing, and opening a new restaurant
Restaurant business structures

How to choose a business structure for a new restaurant

Discover the most common restaurant business structures, how much funding is needed, and how to succeed in opening a restaurant
The ultimate holiday playbook for restaurants

The ultimate holiday playbook for restaurants

Everything you need to succeed, from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve
Spread the word Learn how to bring new guests to the table with the latest tech, tools, and ideas for every marketing budget. See all
A phone poised over a restaurant table full of dishes takes a photo

15 creative restaurant promotion ideas and strategies for 2023

Learn how creative restaurant promotions can benefit your business. Find out what to research in advance and how to create the perfect promotion for you.
A photo of a restaurant table with plates and glasses for promoting a restaurant on social media.

A busy owner’s guide to restaurant social media strategy

Here’s how to reconnect with longtime fans and introduce yourself to potential new guests on the biggest platforms. Get tips for Instagram, TikTok and more.
Image depicts two people sharing dinner during the holiday season. They are both drinking wine and are seated in a restaurant booth next to a large window. There is a large wreath with a plaid bow hanging behind them.

10 ways restaurants can win holiday regulars in 2022

Grab the people who need to figure out what’s for dinner every day during the busy holiday season. Get them in once, and you may see them every week until 2023.
Logistics tune-up How to iron out operations for shifts smooth as butter. See all
A crowd has fun in the bar and dining room of a busy restaurant

How to increase restaurant sales: 11 smart strategies for 2023

Learn simple strategies that boost restaurant sales, whether your restaurant is new, long-established, or simply not always at max capacity.
Image depicts a person wearing a black turtleneck and a brown apron using a mounted tablet in a restaurant.

What is a POS system in a restaurant? Plus, how to choose one

Learn what a POS system is and why it's an essential piece of restaurant tech. The right one can make running your business faster, easier, and more successful.
Image depicts a server, slightly out of frame, holding out a point of sale (POS) system to a guest. The guest is holding up a credit card to the machine to pay for a meal at a restaurant.

Contactless payment systems: What every restaurant needs to know

Get all the facts on contactless payment systems for restaurant owners to help decide if this guest-friendly new restaurant technology is right for your business.

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