How to iron out operations for shifts smooth as butter.
A potential investor reviews a restaurant business plan with an aspiring restaurateur.

How to write a restaurant business plan

Write your small business restaurant plan with help from this guide. Find out the essential components and gain expert insights for success.
A group enjoys a restaurant meal in their home kitchen, thanks to a third-party delivery platform.

Third-party delivery isn’t going away. Here’s what restaurants should know in 2023.

Third-party delivery services like Uber Eats and Grubhub can dramatically benefit some restaurants. Learn the pros, cons, and how to choose the right partner for your needs.
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Exit interviews for restaurants: Steal this script

Learn why restaurants need exit interviews to cut employee churn and build a workplace culture to be proud of. Plus an exit interview script you can use.
Now serving: a new way on iPhone to manage the floor plan on the go

Now serving: a new way on iPhone to manage the floor plan on the go

OpenTable innovates to help restaurants do what they do best—better. So we do more than add features that respond to...
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Your dream restaurant team is out there. Here’s how to find them

Discover smart strategies for finding and attracting restaurant recruits from unexpected places, including career changers and recent graduates.
Employees laughing during restaurant training

Restaurant training in 2023: A comprehensive overview for owners

Learn all about the world of restaurant training, including how training is administered and all the different types of training programs restaurants offer today.
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Restaurant jobs from A to Z: a glossary of industry roles and titles

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Scheduling employees: What all restaurants need to know in 2023

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Employee referral programs: What restaurant owners need to know

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