Smooth shifts are nirvana, so manage yours with ease and expertise.
Restaurant team members plan the upcoming shift holding a tablet computer

The ultimate guide to restaurant technology for restaurant owners

Learn about all the innovations in restaurant technology that can help owners succeed. Find out about all the tech tools you need to operate more efficiently.
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What is a restaurant CRM and why it matters for your business

Learn how a restaurant CRM can benefit your restaurant. A CRM helps you personalized service and launch targeting marketing campaigns that work.
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How to create a menu from scratch: 10 key tips for restaurants

A restaurant’s menu is its most valuable tool. Discover how to build one that leads to increased restaurant profitability and higher guest satisfaction.
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Why restaurants should take reservations

Find out 10 reasons why taking reservations can help restaurants increase revenue and run smoother shifts. Plus, learn 3 ways guests benefit, too.
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Why restaurants need to optimize their floor plans for success

Design a restaurant floor plan that improves guests’ dining experience and workers' efficiency. Here’s how to make floor plans that boost the bottom line.
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Online ordering systems—what are the advantages for restaurants and customers?

Find out the advantages of online food ordering for customers and restaurants. Learn how to stand out in the restaurant online ordering system market.
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Now serving: Direct messaging, a simpler way to talk to guests

OpenTable constantly innovates to respond to restaurant needs. Here’s a look behind the scenes about how we built our direct messaging feature to help restaurants.
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How private dining can work for any restaurant in 2023

For restaurants, private dining can be an excellent opportunity for revenue growth and guest relationship development. Discover tips on how to host successful events and how Tripleseat can streamline the process.
Third party delivery

What restaurants need to know about third-party delivery

People are back to dining out, demand for restaurant food delivery is high. Find out if a third-party delivery partner is the right choice for you.