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10 extraordinary restaurant innovations to inspire owners in 2023

The restaurant industry is constantly changing. And the innovations have come at a breakneck pace the past few years. Restaurant...
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Chefs speak: 4 major issues for restaurants in 2023

Heading into the new year, leading chefs and restaurant owners talk about the ongoing staffing shortage, changing menus, restaurant technology, and more.
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How to name a restaurant: 10 tips to make the task easier

Get tips and advice on coming up with a name for your restaurant that will grab attention, attract guests, and stay top of mind. Name your restaurant with confidence.
How to pack the house on day 1

How to pack the house on day 1

Learn why Alicart Restaurant Group relies on OpenTable to ensure a packed house when its new restaurant, Mermaid Oyster Bar Times Square, opens its doors in NYC.
A restaurant team assembles for a pre-shift meeting

How restaurants can support mental health during the holidays

For restaurant workers, the holiday season can trigger mental health challenges. Here’s how to support them so the whole team can have a happy and successful season.
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8 painless ways restaurants can stay up to date with technology

Learn how to stay on top of the latest technology news and trends to keep your restaurant relevant, efficient, discoverable, and profitable now and in the future.
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How to open a ghost kitchen: What restaurant owners need to know

Learn all about ghost kitchens, including the pros and cons of these delivery-only restaurants and the steps you need to take between idea and opening day.
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15 apps for restaurants that can make work and life easier

Find the restaurant apps that can help you get more done, do more with less, stay on top of your business, recognize employees, and get time back for yourself.
How we dine now

How we dine now

The numbers are in. Here’s our data-driven report on diners’ plans for the 2022 holiday season.