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A restaurant worker concentrates while working on a tablet computer

Restaurant wages in 2023: What owners should know

Find out the minimum wage for tipped workers and hourly workers, how wages are trending, and what you can do to stay competitive in a tight labor market.
Image depicts a server setting a table. They are dressed in all white and the chairs in the restaurant are a mint green hue.

The restaurant labor shortage: how we got here and a 2023 update

Learn about the current restaurant staff shortage, what caused the tight labor market, and how restaurant owners can staff up in 2023.
How to talk to team members about substance use disorder

How to talk to team members about substance use disorder

Alcohol and drug use have always been a bigger issue for restaurants than other workplaces. Steve Palmer, restaurateur and co-founder...
Diners enjoy the view from a restaurant’s outdoor seating area overlooking the water

Outdoor seating for restaurants: Tips from top restaurateurs

Steal these 7 tips from top restaurant owners around the country about how to get the most out of outdoor seating for restaurants
Image depicts a group of people in multicolored clothing holding a pose during a yoga class focused on wellness.

Wellness tourism 101: An overview of the trend and how to attract this crowd to your restaurant

Learn about a new kind of tourist traveling in search of restaurants that can help support a healthy lifestyle and enhance personal well being.
Yellow image with pink text that reads "Meet a typical OpenTable guest, according to the data.

A short story about Chris and Terry, modern restaurant lovers

One way OpenTable stays on top of the industry is with relentless research. We survey restaurants, OpenTable users, and general...
Image is an orange and pink illustration that reads “10 inspiring restaurant innovations.”

10 extraordinary restaurant innovations to inspire owners in 2023

The restaurant industry is constantly changing. And the innovations have come at a breakneck pace the past few years. Restaurant...
Image is a yellow image that reads "chefs speak: 4 major issues for restaurants in 2023.

Chefs speak: 4 major issues for restaurants in 2023

Heading into the new year, leading chefs and restaurant owners talk about the ongoing staffing shortage, changing menus, restaurant technology, and more.
Restaurant employee in black apron behind a glass door flips a sign to read “open”

How to name a restaurant: 10 tips to make the task easier

Get tips and advice on coming up with a name for your restaurant that will grab attention, attract guests, and stay top of mind. Name your restaurant with confidence.