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How we dine now

How we dine now

The numbers are in. Here’s our data-driven report on diners’ plans for the 2022 holiday season.
Restaurant owner working on an iPad

What is a restaurant CRM and why it matters for your business

Learn how a restaurant CRM can benefit your restaurant. A CRM helps you personalized service and launch targeting marketing campaigns that work.
Friendly faces around a restaurant bar

Community service is the heart of hospitality, according to these restaurant pros

Discover the Mexican concept of tequio. It’s a time-honored tradition that restaurant industry pros say is at the heart of the hospitality business.
A well designed restaurant floor plan with booths

Why restaurants need to optimize their floor plans for success

Design a restaurant floor plan that improves guests’ dining experience and workers' efficiency. Here’s how to make floor plans that boost the bottom line.
A smiling server in a restaurant serves drinks to a happy group of friends

How to improve customer experience in a restaurant in 10 steps

Find out how to improve service in a restaurant with simple strategies, Learn how to welcome a guest in a restaurant and how to keep them coming back.
Restaurant goer ordering food at a counter with a phone

Online ordering systems—what are the advantages for restaurants and customers?

Find out the advantages of online food ordering for customers and restaurants. Learn how to stand out in the restaurant online ordering system market.
How data reporting powers Southern hospitality for a growing restaurant group

How data reporting powers Southern hospitality for a growing restaurant group

How Tupelo Honey restaurant group leveraged OpenTable reporting and customer service to increase covers, boost revenue, and offer personalized service.
Third party delivery

What restaurants need to know about third-party delivery

People are back to dining out, demand for restaurant food delivery is high. Find out if a third-party delivery partner is the right choice for you.
restaurant reputation

How to improve restaurant operations

Restaurant operations is an umbrella term that covers all aspects of the business. Here’s what owners need to know to improve restaurant operations for success.