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Maximize your business with digital ordering

Connect to more guests while running smoother operations.

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Deliver what your guests crave

61% of diners say they want contactless menus, ordering, and payment.

  • Power an easy-to-understand ordering flow shaped by your brand
  • Create a brand-specific menu that’s fun for guests to discover
  • Checkout is a breeze and can happen within minutes
  • Set as many or as few menu item modifiers to showcase the best of your concept
  • Reduce wait times for ordering and payment so guests can spend more time enjoying your restaurant


Give your team superpowers

Use guest insights to power relevant, targeted engagement when you integrate your email marketing system with OpenTable.

  • Let guests drive their experience with intuitive self-service so your staff can focus on delivering superior hospitality
  • Make your venue dynamic by toggling menu experiences for different seating areas or by channel (e.g. takeout and delivery)
  • Offer the next round or crowd favorites before guests have to ask with server handhelds


Expand your guestbook visibility

Get the right view of each guest, no matter how they order.

  • Automatically convert on-premise dining walk-ins to permanent guests and improve guest database accuracy
  • Combine customer orders across different channels, on-premise and off-premise, and use the right information to optimize operations
  • Drive more effective customer nurture campaigns to the right people by leveraging their past digital orders

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