Bonus Points

More rewards for diners, fuller tables for you.

Tap into OpenTable’s loyalty program to motivate more guests to book your restaurant

Use Bonus Points to shift diner demand so your Tuesdays feel more like your Fridays. On average, restaurants that run Bonus points for the first time see a 10% increase in their seated covers.*

  • Incentivize guests to book off-peak times or to fill last-minute cancellations by offering them up to 10X their normal Dining Rewards points
  • Get more marketing exposure by showing up higher in OpenTable search and in our marketing to diners, including email, apps, and website
  • Pay only for guests who dine with you and track every marketing dollar you spend to revenue.
  • Talk to your OpenTable marketing consultant to start marketing your restaurant using Bonus Points today

*Based on OpenTable network data for U.S. restaurants that used Bonus Points for the first-time between 01/01/2019 and 12/31/2019.
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