Bonus Points

Attract more diners when you want them

Bonus Points make your restaurant more appealing to diners during the days and times you want to promote.

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Effective marketing

Bonus Points draw diners in without discounts.

  • Better placement. Show up higher in OpenTable search results.
  • You’re in control. Decide when you want to boost your tables.
  • Incremental sales. Target undecided diners, not the ones searching for you by name.
  • Bonus Points promos. Get featured in our diner email campaigns, website, and app.
Screenshot of OpenTable's Bonus Points feature on iPhone

Avoid costly empty tables

You can set Bonus Points to only activate when you’re not fully booked by 1 PM.

  • Bad weather. Give guests more incentive to leave the house.
  • Cancellations. Replace same-day cancellations.
  • Slow shifts. Guard against unexpected lulls.
  • Location, location, location. Bonus Points can help you counteract a difficult location.
Restaurant interior

Bonus Points definitely sells seats during periods when we’re not near capacity—it’s bringing in more customers than we would see without it.

Joel Kalinowski, Marketing Manager
Elm City Social
New Haven, CT

Spread things out

Boost revenue by using Bonus Points to increase covers during shoulder times.

  • More balanced shifts. Shift excess demand from busier times to shoulder times.
  • Don’t discount. Fill empty seats without cutting prices.
  • More tips. Increase your staff’s earnings.
Screenshot of OpenTable restaurant profile displaying Bonus Points on iPhone

Starting at $2.75/cover

* Pricing shown is for US restaurants.