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Custom Promotions

Drive more bookings. Be seen more frequently by diners the moment they’re searching for a place to eat. Our shared goal is to get more guests through your doors, and this feature gives you better control over that. Now you can choose when you want diners and how much you want to spend.

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Ticketed Experiences

Create exceptional experiences. Attract committed guests and streamline operations with a seamlessly integrated ticketing platform on GuestCenter.

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Stand out. Like a sandwich board outside your place, Specials let you pull people in by offering an unusual dish, unique prix fixed or happy hour menu, etc.

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Online Waitlist

Attract more walk-ins. GuestCenter’s online waitlist feature lets diners check the wait and join your waitlist from anywhere. Your guests will be more willing to wait when they can wait on their own terms.

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Premium Access

Special seats for special diners. For restaurants that are so busy they’re turning people away, Premium Access offers the ability to make tables available only to elite OpenTable diners. It’s a great option when quality is way more important than quantity.

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Mobile Payments

Check please! Give guests the convenience of paying with their phone. When they’re ready to go, they can simply open the OpenTable app, pay, and leave. They won’t have to wait for the check, and you’ll turn tables much faster.

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