Make this Valentine’s Day outstanding

Check out best practices from leading chefs and owners, as well as tools to help you accomplish more

Plan ahead

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights of the year, so plan ahead with this checklist and infographic. The infographic includes:

  • How to maximize covers
  • How to make Valentine’s Day a night (or weekend) to remember
  • How to fill every seat in the house

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The comprehensive checklist will help you and your staff get on the same page about Valentine’s Day plans, menus, and day-of strategy.

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Evaluate the past year

How you performed last Valentine’s Day is a great indicator of what to expect this year. In GuestCenter, you can:

Fill your seats

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, so you’ll want to market your restaurant all weekend long.

Get your staff ready

Once February 14 comes, it’s game time. Prep your staff ahead of time to confirm that everyone’s on the same page.

  • Train staff on new menus
  • Set the tone for a busy night ahead
  • Set up automatic table status (see how here!)

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