GuestCenter + POS Integration

Link reservations to revenue

GuestCenter’s POS integration gives you great insight into your guests’ spend, helps you run smoother shifts and traces revenue back to every reservation.

Know your best guests

Up-level your hospitality by recognizing your most valuable guests for their loyalty. POS integration helps:

  • Hosts to easily spot valuable guests based on average spend, lifetime spend and number of visits
  • Servers to personalize service with an easy view into guest details and dining preferences

Keep your service moving

GuestCenter automates your front of house by statusing tables and opening checks for you. Always keep your host updated about each table right from the host stand so they can turn more tables.

Table statuses include:

  • Paid
  • Appetizer
  • Entree
  • Dessert

Track your revenue anywhere, anytime

GuestCenter’s mobile app makes it easy for managers and owners to see how the restaurant is doing - from anywhere.

  • Compare your shift revenue for a particular day to the average from the previous 4 weeks
  • See each shift’s average spend per cover and party

Dig in to the details

GuestCenter’s interactive reservations report lets you break down revenue and understand the details.

  • View, filter, sort, search, print, and export your restaurant’s reservation data—including totals and tips
  • Know the return on your OpenTable marketing campaigns
  • See who your most frequent visitors are and how much they’ve spent with you, so you can keep them coming back. Export the list to know who to market to and tag as VIPs.

GuestCenter plays well with POS

Check out the POS systems we currently integrate with. We're actively working towards adding more, so if you don't see your POS here, stay tuned for updates!

See it in action

Watch how you can get these valuable insights on the go, in-service, or within GuestCenter Reporting, anytime.