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GuestCenter’s Reporting provides valuable insights to help you grow

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Learn from your past performance

  • Compare your current, future and past performance to month-over-month and year-over-year historical data
  • Spot trends, so you can forecast with confidence and make future adjustments to things like staffing, inventory and marketing.
  • Anticipate and address your busy and slow times

“The clarity and breakdown in reporting is great, because you get a really good sense of what’s going on.”

Hetal Shah, Owner
August (1) Five
San Francisco, CA

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Get more out of every shift

  • Find out if the actual turn times you’re averaging match your current settings
  • Fine-tune your availability so you can seat more diners and get an extra turn out of busy tables

Dive into the details

  • View real-time data, updated every second
  • See a breakdown of reservations, for any given timeframe, by channel and source
  • Get a monthly snapshot of your business trends, no matter where you happen to be

Foster important

  • Clearly see who is referring business and how many guests they are sending your way
  • Track and reward active referrers with recognition

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