Casa Sensei achieves a 10X ROI using OpenTable digital marketing

How an independent restaurant gets seen in its local community using boost campaigns and Bonus Points

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Type of restaurant:
Independent restaurant

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Year founded:


First-time diners
booked through OpenTable
(on average over one year)


Increase in year-over-year
cover volume


Return on marketing

Casa Sensei, locally known in Fort Lauderdale for its pan-Asian Latin fusion cuisine and premier waterfront dining experience, needed to find a new way to promote their restaurant during slower day parts. Using OpenTable digital marketing campaigns, specifically boost campaigns and Bonus Points, they doubled revenue and achieved a 10X return on investment.

Bringing guests through the doors

Since buying Casa Sensei in 2018, co-owner Patricia Lara says her top priority has always been to make the restaurant a local favorite that provides incredible service, delivers authentic and consistent cuisine, and makes guests feel safe and at home.

To get the Casa Sensei name out in the community and bring guests through their doors, she uses a mix of marketing tactics, from traditional marketing, online and social marketing, promotions, PR, and OpenTable marketing. “We love and trust OpenTable. Being on the OpenTable platform is critical for us due to its huge diner network and because it is integrated into everything we do so that people can discover and book our restaurant,” says Lara.

As Lara looked to maximize their capacity and drive up guest traffic on the weekends, specifically for brunch, she realized they needed to do more. Using OpenTable digital marketing campaigns, they found a new way to be front and center when guests searched online.

Getting seen when it matters most

Working with her OpenTable marketing consultant, she learned how to tailor OpenTable digital marketing campaigns to get Casa Sensei seen by a wider audience—without overspending.

Using a mix of boost campaigns and Bonus Points, her marketing consultant crafted a digital strategy, which was designed around her needs. She chose how and when Casa Sensei appeared in search results, to put it front and center during the days and times when she needed more exposure and guests.

She also set a monthly budget for each campaign to control spend and had the flexibility to make changes to the schedule and budget based on real-time results. “Compared to other marketing options out there, OpenTable gives us full control and we always know what we’re paying for. I’ve never had to spend more than I wanted to,” says Lara.

Doubling sales using OpenTable campaigns

As a result of the campaigns, Casa Sensei has seen the quality and quantity of guest traffic improve. In addition to seeing more bookings from locals and first time guests, their average spend per person has increased by 13% over a one month period with nearly no change in pricing. “When I see the results, the number of actual reservations coming from the campaigns, and more people coming in during hours when we previously had less traffic, I know the campaigns are paying for themselves,” says Lara.

To stay on top of results, she uses OpenTable reporting that’s available 24/7 online and reviews weekly reporting provided by her OpenTable marketing consultant. She evaluates incremental sales, which have more than doubled from the prior year and keeps a close eye on her ROI. Every week, she also makes small tweaks to make sure she’s getting the best results.

“We’re bringing in a lot more customers and our sales are higher due to the marketing we do with OpenTable. For us, OpenTable digital marketing campaigns are a win-win,” says Lara.

“Compared to other marketing options out there, OpenTable gives us full control and we always know what we’re paying for. I’ve never had to spend more than I wanted to.”

Patricia Lara, Co-Owner
Casa Sensei, Fort Lauderdale

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