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Image depicts two people in a commercial kitchen. They’re both wearing aprons. The one on the left is holding a pen and a pad of paper. The one on the right holds a finger up to their mouth and looks down at a tablet.

How to create a menu from scratch: 10 key tips for restaurants

A restaurant’s menu is its most valuable tool. Discover how to build one that leads to increased restaurant profitability and higher guest satisfaction.
Image depicts a family dining together. They’re sitting in a booth, drinking red wine and sharing small plates. The mother is accepting flowers and she and her daughter smile together and gently embrace. The father and another young man smile as they look on.

How private dining can work for any restaurant in 2023

For restaurants, private dining can be an excellent opportunity for revenue growth and guest relationship development. Discover tips on how to host successful events and how Tripleseat can streamline the process.
Restaurant analytics

What you need to know about restaurant analytics

Learning how to read and use a restaurants’ analytics can be the key to leveling up your business. Here’s everything you need to know.
Gen z talent

How to attract and retain Gen Z talent in the restaurant industry

Whether you’re looking to increase staff members or need new talent on the team, learn what Gen Z looks for an employer and the key to staff retention.
staffing shortage

The top 6 strategies needed to disaster-proof a restaurant

Discover the top strategies needed for a restaurant to survive any worst case scenario.
Restaurant advertising ideas

The 9 best restaurant advertising ideas for 2023

Discover the best advertising ideas to include in your restaurant’s advertising strategy.
The 12 best digital marketing tools in 2023 for restaurants

The 12 best digital marketing tools in 2023 for restaurants

Discover the best digital tools to include in your restaurants’ marketing strategy.