Rebuilding Together

No one could plan for it, but a new dining landscape has emerged from COVID-19.  Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, or winery, adapting to today’s operational realities and guests’ needs is a challenge.

In “Rebuilding Together” you’ll learn:

  • What guests need to feel comfortable and get back out there, including behavioral trends and insights from our global data
  • How restaurants are embracing their new reality and how to use our products to successfully rebuild your business
  • Innovation from OpenTable that will help you operate and unlock new revenue streams moving forward
  • How to cut down your costs with waived subscription fees from OpenTable through the end of this year


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Jessica Jensen
Head of Marketing
OpenTable and KAYAK

Miles Skorpen
Head of Consumer Product

Jon Morin
Head of Restaurant Product

Niko Karatassos
Buckhead Life Restaurant Group

Hetal Shah
August (1) Five