Commit to an open kitchen.

Together we can change the way we work, and the way we run our businesses so that no one is harassed or discriminated against. We believe that everyone deserves a safe seat at the table.

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Time’s up.

Your restaurant is your workplace. But it’s also a home for your team (aka your family for the 12 plus hours a day you spend there.) So, what kind of kitchen is yours?

We’ve teamed up with a collection of our nation’s most prominent chefs and restaurateurs to make a shared commitment to 86 an exclusionary, abusive culture, front and back of the house. Learn more about our Open Kitchen campaign and how you can help change the future of our community.

How can you help drive change?

Whether it’s posting a mission statement about your ethical work culture on your website or providing better human resources and anti-harassment training to employees, there are many ways to foster a safe and inclusive environment within your restaurant.

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Lead by example by displaying your commitment to gender equality in your restaurant with a badge on your OpenTable profile page.

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