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Seat more diners.
Delight your guests.

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Build Guest Center to fit your restaurant. Whether you have one small dining room or multiple levels, Guest Center easily accommodates restaurants of all sizes.


Let Guest Center work for you while you’re not working. Take after-hours online reservations and get notified from your phone. Never lose a reservation again.


Partner with the team that has worked with restaurateurs for over 16 years. Our experience makes Guest Center the most used front-of-house iPad solution.

Guest Center simplifies your front-of-house

Tailor to your exact needs

Accurately replicate your floor plans and server sections. Guest Center takes care of day, evening, and weekend service with its simple scheduling tool. You can even make configurations for special days and shifts.

Seat more covers

Ensure your service is moving at the right speed. Maximize table availability by controlling your pacing and turn times. Leverage table combinations and flexible seating to make room for large parties.

Enhance your hospitality

Keep your guests coming back for more. Use your growing guest database with notes and histories to provide a special experience for every diner.

Monitor your business from anywhere

Take the worry out of being away. Use any mobile device to add, edit or cancel reservations. You can even see your guests’ details before they come through the door.

From our customers

I absolutely LOVE the new OpenTable Guest Center. I can keep a beat on the restaurant from home and it’s made our host stand so much better.

GM Julie Sell – Real Food Daily, Pasadena

We need the flexibility to be truly mobile with reservations, pacing, and turning tables. Guest Center allows us to do this seamlessly and efficiently.

GM Jenny Lentz – TanakaSan, Seattle

We have your
front-of-house covered

Put Guest Center to work for you.

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