Promoted Results

Be promoted in OpenTable search results

With promoted results, you get featured in search results to increase your exposure to undecided diners.

It's your time to shine

Through Promoted Results you can:

  • Drive more bookings. Show up in a promoted spot in search results when an undecided diner is searching for a restaurant to book.
  • Be in control. Select which days and shifts you want extra visibility. We'll only promote your restaurant during those periods. Pause campaigns or launch a last-minute campaign directly from the iOS owner app.
  • Target the diners you want. Choose those who book last minute to first-time diners who have never dined with you.
  • Invest in results. We'll only charge for seated diners, never for impressions or clicks. It's that simple.

We make our promotional decisions through GuestCenter. We can see if a lot of people book the same day for dinner. Or book last minute reservations. We then know when to run our campaigns.

Anthony Petitone, Director of Operations

$5 per seated cover