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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with an onboarding specialist.

Your access to the OpenTable training academy is included, where you and your team can take training on your own time.

Free* to try for 30 days then $39 per month, cancel anytime. We only ask for 30 days notice.

OpenTable lets guests book reservations according to your availability. To get started, decide how many covers your restaurant can handle every 15 minutes. You can customize according to a specific day or shift.

Yes, you can set up push notifications on your phone.

With OpenTable, you only pay for seated diners. Simply log in to OpenTable and mark the reservation as a cancellation or no-show within 48 hours.

*After your 30-day free trial, OpenTable Basic is $39 per month plus a per cover fee. Credit card required. Cancel anytime to stop future subscription charges. If you do not wish to be charged the per cover fee after your subscription is canceled, please cancel covers made after your trial period ends. Basic 30-day free trial available to new OpenTable customers only on a month-to-month term.