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The Open Door Program

Flashing neon, a placard in the window, tables on a sidewalk—we all love the signs of an open business. OpenTable is here both to help you get back on your feet and to make sure people rediscover their love of dining with you.

Introducing the Open Door program

  • No subscription fees through the end of 2020
  • No cover fees through the end of 2020
  • Sign up by choosing from two plans designed to fit the needs of every location: Basic and Core 

We’re here to help, so rest assured that there are no termination fees in the unfortunate event you go out of business prior to the end of 2021.

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*Restaurants must subscribe to an annual OpenTable plan through 2021 to take advantage of this offer. Standard plan subscription and cover pricing begin January 1, 2021. Covers discount valid only off list price and excludes promoted inventory.

If you’re interested in the Open Door Program, you can receive follow-up information and first-access to participate by filling out the form below: