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Reopen, recover, rebound

No matter where you are in the process, get the tools, guidance, and insights to help you succeed.
Drive demand and fill seats

Spread the word you’re open for business

Effective, low-cost ways to get yourself on people’s radar again (or for the first time) …read more

Your 2021 digital marketing checklist

Easy tips to get your restaurant seen online, across your website, social media and more …read more

How to get more eyes on your OpenTable profile

What to consider when choosing a channel and how to measure a paid campaign’s success …read more

Operate more efficiently

What to do when your front of house is short-staffed

Strategies to help you offer great guest experiences even with a sub-optimal headcount…read more

Table management tips for a more efficient business

5 ways to operate your business better, from turn times to party sizes and more …read more

Industry trends and reporting to reopen with confidence

Data on market-level and neighborhood-level reservations, plus diner sentiments …read more

Maximize revenue

What happens when diners don’t show up

The ripple effect diners set off when they bail on a dinner reservation …read more

Maximize your takeout orders—and revenue

4 ways to identify what’s working, what’s not, and make improvements …read more

Why more restaurants are setting time limits on reservations

How a different business model brings guaranteed revenue and a way to test ideas …read more

Set and meet diner expectations

9 ways your restaurant can use QR codes beyond menus

As contactless becomes the way of the future, find ways to make QR codes work for you …read more

Best practices for outdoor dining

How restaurateurs from coast to coast have adapted their operations to al fresco …read more

Drive more bookings with profile photos

How photos can lead to a higher conversion rate, and tips to improve your photos …read more

Keep guests delighted and coming back

Build relationships with guests before, during, and after their visit

13 ways to turn any guest into a lifelong regular …read more

Guide on how to meet diners’ needs and keep them coming back

Quick guide in collaboration with Toast to build relationships with guests …read more

How restaurants turn first-timers into VIPs

How to engage new diners to build a relationship for a lifetime …read more

Reliable, flexible tools to recover and rebound

Use our interactive guide to find the plan that best suits your restaurant.

Uncover trends and make the most of pent-up diner demand

Access the data about both the restaurant industry and diner habits only OpenTable can serve up.

What OpenTable data reveals about global dining trends

From reopening to full rebounds—it’s all visible and trackable in our State of the Industry dining hub.

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Get insights to help your restaurant flourish


Now Serving webinar: How diners are searching

Get the skinny on how to make it easier for more people to find your restaurant online …read more


Summer is here, dining is back

See what people want—and don’t want—as they return to restaurants …read more


What a fully open dining market looks like

See what we can learn from the restaurants and diners in Australia …read more

Right by your side

Get tips and takeaways on how to apply for the Small Business Administration’s relief spending.

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Restaurant stories that inspire us


How Rayme Rossello learned to stop sweating Yelpers

Rethinking her identity as a businesswoman and the elusive work-life balance …read more


3 restaurants dared to open their doors mid-pandemic

The unseen upsides to starting a restaurant amid a global pandemic, from coast to coast …read more


A growing number of chefs are embracing a new role

That role is activist chef, as they pioneer work on solving hunger and improving the industry …read more

We’re all hungry to get back to the table

See how OpenTable is connecting people with the restaurants they love

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