OpenTable Payments Pay Off at Chef Geoff’s

At 26 years old, Chef Geoff Tracy took the plunge and opened his first restaurant, laying down the foundation (literally) by hand. “We wanted to create a place that was completely unpretentious – where people can go to have a good time, with chef-inspired food, in a relaxed environment,” Geoff explains. “It resonates with guests, and they love it.” Fourteen years later, they’re close to opening their sixth location, all of which are now using OpenTable Payments.

Mobile payments present a unique opportunity to streamline service and provide greater hospitality, with demand growing among diners nationwide. Embracing this fact, Geoff seized the chance to offer Payments within his restaurants. “You just can’t run away from technology – it’s a reality now. Mobile payments are the wave of the future, and we’ve experience first hand what that can do for hospitality.”

Allowing guests to pay their bill on their phone has allowed Geoff’s staff to spend more time on what’s most important: serving guests (not running the check). Their diners appreciate the expedited process, and the ease of the whole experience. OpenTable Payments enables the staff to move faster and provide better hospitality, making the entire dining experience a better one for diners. “It’s a win-win for both the restaurant and diner – modern technology that truly benefits all restaurants out there.”